Do doctors really save lives?

ARGUABLY, it is obvious that the medical profession goes way beyond the basic education and training for one to become a medical doctor.

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UHAS-Pride of Volta

Volta Region, a few years ago lost its pride as a major contributor to academic excellence in the country. Academic performance took a complete nosedive, with many stakeholders throwing their arms in despair.

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2015 UN Climate Change Summit in Paris: Africa Must Go As a Team

By Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath


A legendary broom stick of Ghanaian folklore says: “When I stand alone I cannot sweep and even a baby can break me up into pieces. But when we are bound together we sweep beautifully 

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UNWTO To Rebrand Africa

From many parts of the world, 111 tourism gurus, notably African Tourism Ministers, professors of Tourism, diplomats and technocrat in from East, West, Central Southern Africa, the United States, India, Nepal, Spain and the UK, have converged at the Ghana's capital city, Accra.

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As a nation, it is important to accept that for one reason or the other the management of plastic wastes in the country has not been the best and therefore calls for concern by all to come on board and find a lasting solution to the

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Ghana’s search for long term development plan

THOUGH Ghana has achieved some successes in socio-economic development since independence, and the foundation has been laid for the economy's take off, much still remains undone.
Indeed, the 2007 Human Development Report, generated by

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Ghana’s search for long term dev’t plan [1]

GROWING up in Bolgatanga, the Upper Regional (now Upper East Region) capital, in the 1970s, I witnessed massive infrastructure springing up in the region that is sandwiched between Togo on the East and Burkina Faso to the West.

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All you need to know about the Digital Terrestrial Migration

Ghana will be finally migrating from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting by march 2016.This has been the news moving on the airwaves for some time now and Ghanaians are still wondering how ‘big a deal’ this migration is suppose to be.

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