The UN Post 2015 Development Agenda—Consultations on the gender perspective begin

By G.D. Zaney

A consultative meeting aimed at broadening engagement with key actors and constituents in order to raise awareness and contribute to the current post-2015 thematic consultations and discussions has taken place in Accra.

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Completing the unfinished business of the Women’s Manifesto

By G.D. Zaney

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Women’s Manifesto for Ghana was launched in February, this year, in Accra.

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A New Model For Change

Change is nothing new to leaders, or their constituents. Now, organizations cannot just endlessly be "managed," replicating yesterday's practices to achieve success.

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Freshwater: A Lacking Resource

The United Nations has set aside 22nd March of every year as World Water Day.

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The Promise Of Blended Learning In Higher Education

THE information revolution has provided many avenues for acquiring access to education and has made it possible to experiment with different learning modules.

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Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotics are medicines that attack bacteria in various ways to disable their structures and functions and, thereby, treat and, in some cases, prevent bacterial infections.

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The Launch Of The Agric Fertilizer Subsidy Programme And The Way Forward

The 2015 fertilizer subsidy programme by the government through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has been formally launched.

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Army Leadership ''Be, Know, Do''

As a leader you have been entrusted with a great responsibility. How do you prepare yourself? How do you learn and embrace those values and skills that will enable you to meet the challenge?

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