Adanwomase: The Town Of Kente

The Kente cloth, known as ‘’nwentoma’’ in Akan, is a type of cloth made from silk and cotton fabric, interwoven into strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of southern Ghana.

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Ghana: Assuring The People A Sense Of Security

A situation that gives the people a sense of security makes them believe that they are free from attack, damage or harm by armed robbers, terrorists, murderers, assassins, fraudsters, scams and corrupt persons in the society.

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Trends In Digital (Online) Banking

THE 21st century is the century of information. The advent of the information revolution, the computer, the mobile phone, and other communication devices has facilitated this process. 

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Evolution Of Mining Industry In Ghana

Socio-economic development and remuneration disparities (3)

It is not surprising that most of the key mining skills in Ghana seize the slightest opportunity to secure job offers in the mining rich countries and join the cream countries. 

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Gender Equality in Ghana’s Local Governance System— ABANTU calls for review of draft Local Government Bill

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) has begun a process of consolidating five major legislations on local governance and decentralization, namely the District Assemblies Common Fund Act, 1993 (Act 455); Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462); National Development Planning (System) Act, 1994 (Act 480); Local Government Service Act, 2003 (Act 656); and the Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658).

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Blocking the extractive sector leakages

One of the major obstacles to the development of the African continent is the massive loss of revenues from the extractive industries through corruption, tax evasion and other forms of Illicit Financial Flows (IIFs).

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MILEAD Fellows Programme develops the capacity of young African women and girls

A cadre of 28 Africa’s young women leaders between the ages of 19-25 are undergoing a three-week intensive training under the 2014 Moremi Initiative Leadership Empowerment and Development (MILEAD) Fellows Program at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon.

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Planning The Leadership Transition

Leadership is vital to successful planning and implementation of business strategy. Why? Leadership deals with the future. It deals with understanding the present, but it also involves understanding what the future has to be. A lot of people have been trained as managers, but they have not developed into leaders.

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