Nigeria: How The Nation Became The Winner

MONDAY 23rd March 2015 AD, I was a passenger on the Arik airliner going to Abuja, Nigeria. I was a member of the ECOWAS Observation Team going to observe the elections in Nigeria.

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Let’s Adopt And Implement The Draft National Food Safety Policy

ACCORDING to World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics, about two million people die every year from eating unsafe food in developing countries.

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Forestalling a looming water stress

  By G.D. Zaney

Water security has become a major issue of global concern as water supplies face increasing pressures from a growing population, climate change and an embattled food system.

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Ghana: Promoting Agricultural Investment For Sustainable Dev’t

IN recent times, experts have been sounding the alarm bells over a possible global food crisis.

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Ghana, Cote d’lvoire Conclude Legal Arguments Over Maritime Boundary

Legal arguments on whether or not oil exploration activities should be suspended on Ghana's offshore until the final determination of a maritime dispute between it and Cote d'Ivoire have ended.

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World Vision Ghana (WVG) Calls For Increased Health Spending

The National Director of World Vision Ghana (WVG), Mr Hubert Charles, has expressed appreciation to government for its efforts in improving maternal and child health.

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Trends In Core Technologies In Higher Education

CORE technology is explained as a system that allows people and organizations to process and manage performance more consistently with the help of computer hardware and software solutions such as data management, communications infrastructure and applications, cyber infrastructure, mobile strategy and application development.

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Ghana Collaborates With Neighbours In Effective Water Resources Management

Although West Africa covers less than a quarter of the surface area of the African continent, the sub-region can boast of 25 trans boundary river basins—almost half of Africa’s estimated 60 river basins.

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