Ghana, Cote d’lvoire Conclude Legal Arguments Over Maritime Boundary

Legal arguments on whether or not oil exploration activities should be suspended on Ghana's offshore until the final determination of a maritime dispute between it and Cote d'Ivoire have ended.

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World Vision Ghana (WVG) Calls For Increased Health Spending

The National Director of World Vision Ghana (WVG), Mr Hubert Charles, has expressed appreciation to government for its efforts in improving maternal and child health.

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Trends In Core Technologies In Higher Education

CORE technology is explained as a system that allows people and organizations to process and manage performance more consistently with the help of computer hardware and software solutions such as data management, communications infrastructure and applications, cyber infrastructure, mobile strategy and application development.

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Ghana Collaborates With Neighbours In Effective Water Resources Management

Although West Africa covers less than a quarter of the surface area of the African continent, the sub-region can boast of 25 trans boundary river basins—almost half of Africa’s estimated 60 river basins.

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Applying Fertiliser Management Training Techniques To Improve Farming

THE importance of agriculture to Ghana's finances, as well as the livelihood of her people is a fact that is understood and acknowledged by all. As the mainstay of our economy, agriculture has been and still is the anchor that we all cling to for food security and survival.

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Let’s Start Teaching Of Reading From Kindergarten

At the recently held public forum at the Accra Conference Centre, the Ministry of Education explained that the new language policy which allows a Ghanaian language to be used both as a medium of instruction and of speech from KG- class 3, without a similar approach to reading, is a thoroughly researched work and has been endorsed or certified by UNICEF and other related academic bodies as an authentic concept.

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Reflections on World Cancer

IT has been established that affordable funding increase can save three million lives per year from cancer in low and middle income countries (LMICs) by the year 2030. Indeed, new data projects that US$18 billion increase in funding per year by the international community could result in a 30% reduction in cancer deaths in LMICs by 2030.

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Public Private Partnership Venture

DEVELOPMENT is a process and not an event. It is in this vain that many are of the view that projects started but not completed by one regime should be continued by succeeding regime.
It is also an undeniable fact that development is a share responsibility and required the joint effort of both government and the private sector to pool resources together to enhance socio-economic advancement.

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