Must I die giving life to another?

By Mabel Delassie Awuku

“No woman should die giving life to another” -Ban Ki-moon. A knock on my door around midnight; and, there, my neighbor stands so desperate in need of my help to convey his laboring wife to the hospital. I hurriedly dressed up and rushed for the car keys so to be quick enough to help save a life.  

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Galamsey Land Reclamation Project: Don’t ignore the Ghanaian media

By Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath


A traditional wisdom is reflected in this African proverb: If two people set a trap, it is the two that inspect the trap. Philosophically, the significance of the above proverb is what can be interpreted as ‘transparency, probity and accountability’.

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Taxes ―The Hope And Future Of National Development

By Doris Sodjah


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) recently launched a comprehensive national tax campaign dubbed, ‘Our Taxes, Our Future’ to encourage more Ghanaians, especially in the informal sector, to voluntarily comply with their tax obligations.

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Funding for Ghana’s Climate Change Agenda― ABANTU/OXFAM/ GACCES urge the private sector to support

By G. D. Zaney, Esq.


One of the most challenging environmental concerns of the world today is climate change―a phenomenon acknowledged to have adverse impacts on ecosystems, human lives and communities.

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Make Christmas more Ghanaian―Eat what you grow, grow what you eat and share what is yours

By  Mabel Delassie Awuku

I do remember vividly during my childhood days when families and friends would dash into our home with home-bred live chicken, yam, Ghanaian local rice, cassava and many other fresh farm produce for us to use during the Christmas celebrations. It is more fun when you are lucky enough to get a half piece of cloth to sew a new dress― a move that sends a wave of excitement in all of my siblings and I.

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Improved transport sector will grow Ghana's domestic tourism

By Bennet Otoo


A white man or African American woman flies into Ghana, stays in a hotel and steps out occasionally in shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses with a camera around his/her neck, visiting tourist site after the other and taking pictures. For many, this is what tourism means. Does it only have to be foreigners visiting our tourist sites and attractions? Have we as Ghanaians exhausted all the tourist sites available to us? When was the last time you visited a tourist site in Ghana? These questions expose the lack of a proper domestic tourism plan and the complete lack of interest by local folk to travel and experience the beauty and tradition of their own countries.

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By Mawutodzi Kodzo Abissath


An African proverb says: “A man’s greed leads to the destruction of the environment.”


Basically, the term  REDD+ or REDD-Plus simply refers to “reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries.”

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Migration, its effects and management

By Delassie Mabel Awuku


No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.”
Warsan Shire.


I have lived in Weija, raised my five children and haven’t been saddled with ejection. It has been difficult, nevertheless, to stay in a place like that because when danger looms, one cannot tell when and how it roars its unknown until one experiences it. I lived with my husband at a part of Weija that we all call safe and as life may allow me, I built a two-bedroom apartment with the support of my husband and never planned to vacate Weija until recently the worst of the spillage of the Weija dam took my son’s life compelling me to move from that area to start life afresh and to protect the remaining children for whom I have laboured all my life.

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