Pruductivity improvement—key to the development of the oil palm industry in Ghana

By G.D. Zaney


The oil palm sector of Ghna is to be re-vitalized and transformed while the environmental consequences of the production system will addressed to respond to the ever-growing demand for crude palm oil.

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Camfed joins the world to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child

By Jennifer Asiedu


What do I do now? When I’m being addressed as a wife at this tender age of my life to a man who is old enough to be my grandfather. I had always wanted to become an engineer at the age of 25years but here I am locked up in the tunnel of marriage. Hmmm, how can I be a role model to my younger siblings out there when I can hardly reach my target in life? How nice it would’ve been to be addressed as Engineer Baaba someday, but here I am being referred to as ‘hey Baaba’ or ‘Esi maame’ and even that, thus when you are lucky.

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Fighting ‘Galamsey’ and River Pollution in Ghana

By Bervelyn Longdon


One phenomenon that has received a lot of attention and discussion on media and other platforms is illegal small-scale mining popularly referred to as ‘galamsey’. The subject matter has been discussed widely in view of the immediate and long-term effects on the environment, agriculture, habitat and livelihoods as a whole. The concern has been that if these illegal mining activities are allowed to persist, it will have dire consequences for the sustenance of livelihoods in the communities affected by these illegal mining activities.

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By G.D. Zaney


The statistics indicate that even though, on average, the agricultural sector accounts for about 22 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the sector receives an average of only 4.0 per cent of bank lending, due to the perception that lending risk is too high to motivate financing by the private financial sector.

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Memories of China

By Edem Agblevor


The experiences of a working journalist is enormous; sometimes the stories are told from the chambers of Parliament or from the halls of a law court; some days, from the heart of the most beautiful cities or from the thickest rural areas where life seems to be fading.

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Peaceful elections— an essential requirement for a stable democracy

By Michelle Fafa Agbenorto


“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” —Thomas Paine, 1777.


Political or public office is not the platform for pilfering and illegal wealth creation. It is about the altruistic service and welfare to the nation and the voting population. It's an oath made to God and man to be upright and diligent in managing the resources and assets of the nation efficiently and effectively for uttermost national benefit.

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By Jennifer Asiedu


The word media is derived from the word medium signifying mode or carrier. The media are responsible for providing information, education and entertainment. The word media was first used in reference to books and newspapers, that is the print media, and with the advent of technology, media now encompasses television, movies, radio and the internet. In today’s world, the media have become very essential because they play outstanding roles in the society. Aside the traditional three key roles of the media, they have a greater responsibility for ensuring free and fair elections in any country. The following are ways in which the media can contribute to free and fair elections in Ghana.

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By Cecilia Adams

It's a fact of life - people checking into the hospital face risks. Expecting to get better, some actually end up getting worse. The question is whose fault is it? Many people say it’s the fault of the health professionals. That may be partially true because health professionals cause common health problems like medication errors. One thing we must remember is that because the demand for health services exceeds the supply of same, health professionals come under a lot of pressure. No doubt some nurses are really easily angered. I had an experience where a colleague nurse shouted at me for no reason. I believe the passion for the profession is waning and this is something we must be very careful about.

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