The rains have yet again been persistent throughout the day, with forecasts showing that it may continue into the morning, along the coast. There are also reported thunderstorms expected in the middle and northern belts.


As the rains pour, the ground is getting saturated, and there will be isolated floods in a number of locations. Some roads will also have flowing water, requiring that motorists be careful and alert.


Residents are advised to avoid walking or driving through fast running water currents, and preferably remain on higher ground or park at safer locations. Please avoid taking shelter at flammable locations.


Meanwhile, traffic to and from Kasoa is moving slowly but steadily. Officials of NADMO, the Fire Service and Police have inspected the road and identified sand from the nearby hills washed unto the road by the rains as the cause of the blockade of the Kasoa- Accra bound end of the highway.


Motorists are advised to drive slowly and carefully and respect road traffic measures in place while the emergency services work to clear the sand.


Dr. Edward Omane Boamah
Minister for Communications
June 14, 2015


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