A national consultative meeting, that brought together Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the media with the aim of joining hands to influence decisions at the global level that affect the well-being and development of the youth, has taken place in Accra.


The meeting was part of efforts to mobilize young people around the world to work to ensure that decisions taken at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September, this year, on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and at the Global Climate Change meeting in December, this year, have the best options.


It was organized by Action/2015 in collaboration with Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP), Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) and Purim African Youth Development Platform (PAYDP)— all CSOs.


Action/2015 is a growing global citizen’s movement made up of about 2,000 organizations, networks and coalitions from 145 countries which demand ambitious outcomes from key Sustainable Development and Climate Change Summits in 2015 and hold decision-makers accountable for their delivery, through mass public mobilizations.


The goal of the organisation is to inspire actions that give strength to the marginalized and collectively tackle the root causes of inequality, injustice, poverty and climate change.


Addressing the meeting in Accra, yesterday, Ms Kyerewa Asamoah Sekpey, African Regional Co-ordinator of Action/2015, said Action/2015 was mobilizing national coalitions to facilitate mass public action to demand the needed outcomes and to accelerate global progress.


Ms Sekpey said 2015 was a critical year for progress in the fight against climate change, poverty and inequality.


For her part, Ms Aku Xornam Kevi, Director of Purim African Youth Development Platform, a youth-led organization, said Action/2015 would make a big impact in Ghana through youth action and urged all Ghanaian youth to be part of the initiative.


Mr Benard Anaba, Policy Analyst, ISODEC, said the worldwide coalition of organisations under the aegis of   action/2015 was united by the idea that 2015 was a unique opportunity to change the future of the youth.


Bernard Lartey of the GCAP said the coalition was determined to empower the youth, youth advocates, staff and organizational leaders with strategies to create change and improve the lives of the disconnected, runaway and homeless youth.


Source: ISD (G.D. Zaney)

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