As part of their mandate to spearhead the implementation of governmental campaign programmes, staff of the Information Services Department (ISD) and the Ministry of Information have undertaken a clean-up exercise at their offices in Accra.


The two-hour clean-up exercise, which took place on Friday, aimed at leading the implementation of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s ‘Clean Ghana Campaign’ programme which has been strategically rolled out to wipe out the filth engulfing the ministerial enclave of the country.


The ‘Clean Ghana Campaign’ programme operates on three strong pillars including; increase in awareness about the importance of sustainable sanitation for all; Keeping sanitation at the center of development discussions at both the local and national levels; and promoting informed debate and decision-making about the funding, implementation and monitoring of sustainable sanitation programmes.


A letter received by the Department through the Office of the Head of Civil Service from the Chief of Staff reiterated government’s commitment to sustaining the adequate measures it had put in place to ensure that Accra became the cleanest City in Africa by 2020.


According to the letter, the exercise—a practical demonstration of government’s commitment to improving sanitation conditions in Ghana—would continue and gradually scale up until the entire government business is cleaned up to the standard required of  a clean city.


Source: ISD (Priscilla S. Adjarkoh)