Tourists Organize Clean Up Exercise at Pram Beach

Two female tourists, Gillian Paul (Lead Community Practitioner for National Health Services, London) and Sonia Poleon (Journalist, UK) in collaboration with the Ningo Prampram District Assembly, Zoomlion and Abia D/A Basic School have organized a clean-up exercise at Pram Beach.

The two tourists are in the country following the invitation of their working colleague in London who hails from Ningo Prampram.

According to the Caribbean-born tourist, Ms Paul, the current visit was her second to Ghana and that each time, the debris and filth along the beach disgusted her and prevented her from swimming and enjoying her leisure.

She said she was terribly appalled and wondered why the local people did not maintain proper sanitation at the popular beach resorts.

She said based on this passion to see the environment tidy, she and her friend came up with the idea of instilling good sanitation practices among the school children and the youth, hence the clean-up exercise with the basic school.

Ms Paul said she believed in “training up a child the way he should go and he would not depart from it,” and called for a positive attitude towards the environment to begin with the present younger generation.

Interacting with participants, Mr Jonathan Teye Doku, District Chief Executive (DCE) advised the pupils to replicate the clean-up exercise in their various homes or surroundings and also educate their neighbours and siblings to stop indiscriminate littering.

Mr Doku admonished them to bin every liter to keep the general environment tidy and aid the prevention of communicable and other preventable diseases such as malaria and cholera.

He was particularly excited about the initiative, since it went to compliment government’s effort in making Accra the cleanest city in West Africa if not Africa.

The headmaster of the school, Mr J.K. Kusi, appealed to the two tourists to, with the support of the elders and natives of Prampram in the diaspora, occasionally provide aids to the school while the tourists promised to re-build the primary block of the school.

Mr Kusi was enthused about the entire initiative and promised to periodically repeat the exercise after the departure of the tourists.

Contributing to this initiative was Royal Nii & Co., a recycling company, represented by Mr Richard Nii Afari, whose main objective is to educate participants on the recycling of waste products such as plastics, papers, glass, metals and domestic materials.

Mr Afari sensitized the pupils on waste separation before disposal.

He said the recycling plant, located in the District would be providing four sets of bins for each waste product (paper, glass, plastic and metal) at vantage points to facilitate the waste separation.

This initiative, he said, would rid the district of filth and, ultimately, provide jobs for the unemployed youth as well.

Under the directive of Zoomlion officials, the pupils, together with the tourist, tidied up the beach.

Zoomlion, the sanitation company responsible for the maintenance of sanity in the district, provided the participants with gloves, bins, nose masks, detergents and other tools for the exercise.

The tourists commended the DCE, pupils and the school authorities in general for being very receptive towards the exercise and stressed the need to create a sanitation club in the school to champion the cause of sanitation in the community.

They expressed the conviction that if tourist sites were filth-free, the tourism sector in the District would benefit enormously in terms of increased tourists, revenue generation and job creation.

Source: ISD (Doreen Aculey)