Lack of accountability discourages the Youth from taking leadership roles Prof. Samuels

The lack of transparency and accountability from leaders have over the years discourage the youth from taking up leadership roles, a Professor of Law from the University of South Carolina, United States, Joel H. Samuels, has said.

Prof. Samuels, who was delivering a lecture on the Rule of Law at the 11th African Youth & Governance Convergence (AYGC) in Accra, said for the rule of to work effectively, governments needed to give the youth opportunities to participate in politics.

The object of rule of law, according to Prof. Samuels, was to allow leaders to implement and enforce policies that would address all developmental challenges, including gender mainstreaming and equality, promoting youth in agriculture and also creating opportunities for political inclusion of youth in Africa.

He commended Ghana for having special training programmes and models such as Youth Connect, initiated by the National Youth Authority and aimed at involving the youth in the development agenda as well as making their voices heard.

Prof. Samuels emphasised that the rule of law did not only rest on access to the justice system but it also includes creating access to education, water, food security and guaranteeing the youth inclusion in governance and leadership to foster economic development

He rebuked the perception created by the youth that some jobs were better than others and how that has influenced the high number of African youth migration to the diaspora, attributed it to the limitation of the rule of law and access to justice.

The Law Prof indicated that criminal justice system impacted the youth more than any age group, therefore, leaders and governments should to create the right structures to foster justice and youth inclusion in socio-economic development.

Source: ISD (Aliyah Bayali)




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