Second Graduation And Eight Matriculation Of The Twifo Praso Nursing And Midwifery Training School (C/R)

The Twifo Praso Nursing and Midwifery Training School has organized its second graduation and eighth matriculation.



Addressing the gathering, Mrs. Joyce Abaka – Quansah, the principal for the School said the school received 2,579 applicantions but after rigorous selection procedures only 669 applicants qualified to be admitted into the Midwifery programme, Registered Community Nursing, Registered General Nursing and Health Assistant Clinical.


On the challenges facing the School, the principal mentioned non payment of fees, inadequate accommodation for staff, power problem and encroachment of school lands. She added that the Partners for Development Association (PDA), an association for teachers and parents of students of the school was constructing a two storey female hostel of 360 bed capacity for the School to help solve part of the accommodation problems whilst the management of the School was working to acquire a power generator to help solve the energy crisis.


She also mentioned that the authorities were constructing a fence wall around the School to help solve the encroachment problem but due to lack of funds it had stopped.


Mrs. Abaka – Quansah said a total of 333 nurses from the fifth and sixth batches of the Health Assistant programme were graduating.


Again she said in the 2013 licensing examination, the pass rate for the school was 78.6% but it has increased to 97% in the 2014 licensing examination and that showed a great improvement in academic performances in the school.


She seized the opportunity to advise both the grandaunts and the matriculants to hold high their profession with practices that were in consonance with their training. “You would encounter many temptations towards moral and financial impropriety, and a constant challenge of your integrity and professionalism,” she noted.


She urged them to remain resolute in their pursuit of excellence and serve as worthy ambassadors of the school.


On his part, Mr. Samuel Atto- Amoah, the Member of Parliament for the Twifo Atti- Morkwa Constituency said that life was likened to making a journey. “As today day marks the beginning of learning a career for the grandaunts it also marks the beginning of a journey into the world of career of the matriculants.


He promised that he would construct all the roads on the school campus with the help of the Ministry of Road and Highways. He said he had supplied 100 bags of cement to the school for the construction of pavilions and lecture halls. He also promised to help the brilliant but needy students in the school with his share of the District Assembly Common Fund.


He said consultation with the health authorities in the district about 30 of the grandaunts would be retained in the district.


Source: ISD (Matilda Ansah)

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