SEND Ghana Organizes Regional Forum On Education, Health For 2016 Budget (GA/R)

A regional forum for the Greater Accra region has been organised to collect the views of citizens on Education and Health to influence the 2016 budget.

The forum, organized by SEND-GHANA, was to develop a citizens’ budget to include the views of the public for presentation to the Ministry of Finance.


Among the views raised at the forum were the need for the 2016 budget to make more provision to construction, establish enough CHIPS-compounds and ensure the presence of health specialists in the rural areas in order to reduce the burden of patients travelling long distances to hospital.

The forum recommended that Government should not only provide teacher accommodation in the remote areas but also make funds for other basic needs to motivate the teachers stay in the schools.

It further recommended that public funds should be made available towards the building and recycling of factories to manage waste and also provide District Assembles with dumping sites while adequate public education should be done before starting the projects.

Speaking at the forum in Accra on Wednesday, Madam Harriet Agyemang of SEND Ghana, said while the 2015 budget made provision to commence phase II of the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Tamale Teaching Hospital, the 2016 budget should intensify the monitoring process.

Mad. Agyemang described health and education as important sectors of Ghana’s economy which deserved priority attention in the allocation of resources.

On education, she said government should not only provide teacher accommodation in the remote areas but also make funds available for other basic needs to motivate the teachers’ stay in the schools.

She also urged government to provide adequate funds for People with Disabilities (PWD) to enable them access public facilities.

Source: ISD (Aliyah Bayali)


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