Stakeholders of the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area of the Western Region have endorsed the creation of a new region out of the Western Region.


The endorsement of the splitting of the Western Region into two administrative regions took place at a public forum organized at Wassa Amenfi by the Commission of Inquiry set up by the government to ascertain whether there was a substantial demand for the creation of a new region.


The chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Justice S.A. Brobbey, a retired Supreme Court Judge, explained that they were on a fact finding mission on a matter of significant national interest which required a wider public consultation.


He admonished the stakeholders to be decorous in their utterances and advance their arguments on the subject matter which was under consideration at the forum to chart the course that was in the best interest of the people.  


In a brief presentation to the Commission on behalf of the people of Amenfi Traditional Area, Mr. Isaac Anim stated that the people needed a fast track development in infrastructure and other social facilities which they had been deprived off as a result of the vastness of the region with meager resource allocation from government.


Notwithstanding the strong desire for the creation of a new region, there was a divided opinions on whether the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area should accept to be part of the yet to be created Western-north Region with its likely administrative capital at Sefwi Wiaso or remain with the southern sector region with its capital in Sekondi.


The majority of stakeholders who were in favour of joining the new region with Sefwi Wiaso as its likely administrative capital indicated that the people had cultural similarities, engaged in cocoa production which is common to other districts in the Western- north and would give them the collective bargaining power with the government for development.


They also cited proximity to the capital, employment and business opportunities that would come with the creation of the new region as some of the reasons for which they should be part of the new region.


The other stakeholders who although supported the splitting of the Western Region into two administrative capitals, were not in favour of the likely choice of Sefwi Wiaso as the administrative capital and had made known to the commissioners their preference for the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area to remain with the Coastal Region if the new region was created.


They explained that the Coastal region was already developed and the traditional area remaining there would witness fast tracked development because most of the less developed districts were in the Western-north and it would take a long time for development in the new region to trickle down to Amenfiman considering the likely place where the capital would be cited.


Furthermore, they argued that the road network from the Wassa Amenfi East District to Sefwi Wiaso, which was in a deplorable state, could not be fixed in the shortest possible time and would hinder economic activities seriously thereby defeating the good purposes of creating the region for expeditious development.


The Omanhene of the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area, Tetrete OKwamoah Sekyim II, assured the Commission that his traditional area was in full support of the creation of a new region out of the Western to bring development closer to their door-steps. 


Source: ISD (Stephen Tashie)                                                                                                                                

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