It would be critically necessary to use affirmative action for the development of the new regions to be created in due course to catch up with the rest of the existing regions.


Mr Daniel Botwe, Regional Reorganization and Development Minister, made this known at a workshop in Sefwi  Wiaso for Municipal and District Directors of the Information Services Department and the National Commission for Civic Education as well as media organizations operating in the western north of the Western Region.


The workshop was aimed at equipping participants as critical stakeholders with relevant information on the process involved, preparations underway and the roadmap that would guide various stakeholders to play their roles effectively to ensure that the citizens were well informed to participate fully in the exercises leading to the creation of new regions.                     


The Minister said the creation of new regions would not end the work of his Ministry but it would continue to expedite action to harness the economic potentials of the new regions as well as requesting for resources from the government to fast track the needed development for the new regions.


He explained that the processes for the creation, alteration or merger of regions was well grounded in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and that no government could  use its discretionary powers to create new regions to gain electoral advantage over other political parties.


He said the Constitution spelt out clearly that there should be a substantial demand from the public for the creation, alteration or merger and that the president shall refer the recommendations of Commission of Inquiry to the Electoral Commission which shall conduct a referendum to validate the creation.


Mr Botwe said the instances that led to the commencement of the processes to create new regions in the country were based on popular demand by the public from specific regions through numerous requests and petitions to the previous and the current government to create new regions to speed up development in the deprived districts.


The government, he said, was only facilitating the process to create the regions but not campaigning for its creation as was erroneously put out into the public domain by some political detractors.


He appealed to the participants to put the knowledge gained to bear so that the public would be well-informed to make the right choices toward the creation of the new regions.            


Source: ISD (Stephen Tashie)                                                                                                                            

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