A sensitisation programme on cyber security has been organised for students in Ghana Senior High School and Oda Senior High School in the Eastern Region.

It was organised by the Ministry of Communications in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre, under the theme; “A Safer Digital Ghana.”

Addressing the event, a System Engineer with the Financial Intelligence Center, Mr. Kwabena Osei Appiah, stated that a cyber-attack poses risk to children, individuals, business and government.

He, therefore, urged all students to stay safe online as well as exhibit proper manners and behaviour whiles using the internet.

An effective cyber security reduces the risk of cyber-attacks, Mr. Appiah pointed out and urged the students to always protect individuals and organisations from exploitation of networks and technologies.

Similarly, he tasked them to avoid cyber bullying, adopt a strong password with alphanumeric features to protect their online account, inform their parents of threats on the internet and be cautious of net predators.

They were also made aware that, the internet was not for the posting of nude pictures but for learning, information sharing, business, research, socialisation and entertainment.
The students further asked questions on pertinent issues bordering them and also shared their experiences in the use of the internet.

Source: ISD (Evelyn Harvey, Koforidua)

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