Wa Municipal Assembly Disburses Disability Fund

Wa Municipal Assembly has disbursed a total of Eight thousand, eight hundred and two Ghana Cedis (GH¢8, 802.00() to Persons With Disability (PWD) within the municipality to empower them to undertake economic ventures that would sustain their lives.


This was at a public forum organised for them by the Municipal Disability Fund Management Committee (MDFMC) in Wa for the disbursement.

The amount which was released to them in the form of signed cheques was part of the Assembly’s share of the Common Fund and covered about twenty four selected individual beneficiaries and two groups of the Ghana Blind Union (GBU) and the Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD) to help them finance their earmarked group programmes and activities to champion their course in society.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Ishahaku Nuhu-putiaha in his address entreated the beneficiaries to try to invest the money into productive ventures to help uplift their standards of living and welfare.

 He noted that the disbursement of the fund at the national level sometimes delayed and for that reason beneficiaries must make judicious use of the money since several others had also applied for the fund and would be considered the next time the releases were made available to the Assembly. 

The Chairman of the Municipal Disability Fund Management Committee, Mr. Saeed Abdul Faruk said the selection of beneficiaries was very transparent since they had used the prescribed guidelines to arrive at the decision as to who should benefit out of the numerous applications they received seeking for support from the fund. 

He explained that one major requirement was that the applicant for the fund must of necessity be a disabled person and submitted an application detailing what he or she intended to use the money for and based on the convincing reasons stated the committee approved it.

 He said as part of the Municipal Disability Fund Management Committee’s responsibilities they would conduct regular monitoring to ensure that beneficiaries use the money for the purpose for which they were granted the fund.

 He indicated that to ensure effective monitoring, beneficiaries must belong to one of the various disability groups in the municipality where they could easily be contacted to find out how they were utilizing the money to achieve the desired results. 

He stated that the purpose of the fund was to empower persons with disability economically to get them out of the street begging for arms which sometimes resulted in the loss of precious lives of some of them through accidents.

He said a major challenge to the committee was the lack of clarity in application letters sent to them by the disabled applicants seeking for support from the fund thereby making their work difficult to determine their needs. 

The beneficiaries expressed their profound gratitude to the Assembly for considering them for the fund and promised to use it in ways that would benefit them and their dependents.

Source: ISD (Stephen Tashie)


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