Lambussie- Karni District Assembly Completes Street Naming Exercise UW/R

The Street Address Team (SAT) of the Lambussie-Karni District has completed the street naming and property numbering project. The SAT went through series of consultations with stakeholders to obtain the names of streets which were approved by the District Statutory Planning Committee, following the procurement of the sign posts for the exercise.


The exercise was in response to His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama’s directive to the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to carry out the exercise within a period of 18 months which ends September 25th to facilitate service delivery in the district.

A total of (14) sign boards have been erected in the Lambussie District; this includes; Kuoro Y. Balooro, Kuoro Gyelinyu, Kuoro S. Tanjei, Mothers, Boon, Holloh Mullah, Zuffelleh, Paakuo, Yarikadie.

The rest of the streets in the district capital are; Bagellewelle, Kempa, Kettu- Kukuo, Nkrumah and Kuoro Bombie streets.

The District Chief Executive, Hon. Bom Kofi Dy-Yaka, said the exercise would help the Assembly to produce an infrastructural development map that would reveal what the district was lacking. He added that it would help increase revenue generation of the Assembly because of the digitization that would be done by the Assembly to fish out property owners who were engaged in property tax fraud. 

The Hon. DCE said the exercise was not just putting in place signages for directions but the collection and management of data as well.  He thanked the traditional authorities, assembly members, SAT, the youth and other stakeholders who contributed to the success of the exercise.

“A visitor coming to the district capital can easily locate the direction where he/she is heading towards and that is part of development and also government’s Better Ghana Agenda and will further become an eye opening exercise,” he said.


Source: ISD (Dudimah Julius)       


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