Jul 2014

World Health Organization (WHO) figures have indicated that, there had been a total of over 1200 cases of the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) with more than half dead as at 23rd July in West Africa.

The Hon Minister for Health, Dr Kwaku Agyemang Mensah, chairman of the inter-ministerial team stated this at a press briefing on the management of Ebola Viral Disease in the country.


According to him, 50 new cases were diagnosed each day with more people getting infected and dying.

Hon Agyemang Mensah stated that EVD was commonly spread from one person to another through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected or dead animals.

He again mentioned that burial ceremonies where mourners had direct contact with the body of the deceased person could play a role in the transmission of Ebola.

Hon Agyemang Mensah explained that any person showing signs of fever, headaches, intense weakness with or without bleeding from the nose and other body openings, as well as individuals with a travel history to Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria or Sierra Leone with the above mentioned symptoms must report immediately to the nearest health centre for care.

“Let us bear in mind that simple hygiene measures such as washing with soap and water is a useful preventive measure which will also reduce the threat of the perennial outbreak of Cholera with the rainy season which we are currently experiencing,” he added.

Hon Agyemang Mensah urged all institutions to minimize mass gatherings that would necessitate the convergence of individuals from different places in the sub-region.

He called on the media to give their necessary assistance to raise the required awareness and get people to practice the highest level of prevention and control measures.


Source: ISD (Raymond Kwofie / Wellina Neequaye)